Everynet is pleased to facilitate a panel discussion at IoT Evolution next month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Join CEO Lawrence Latham on Thursday, February 16, for “Analyze This,” a panel discussion on what’s ahead for Massive IoT. Lawrence will be joined by James Brehm, Founder and Chief Technology Evangelist at James Brehm & Associates, and Matt Hattan, Founding Partner at Transforma Insights.

Neutral host carrier grade networks for low-cost IoT

Everynet offers infrastructure partners a disruptive and unrivalled business model to deploy large-scale, commercial LoRaWAN networks with lowest-cost, lowest-risk, quickest time-to-revenue and carrier grade quality.
Our innovative architecture allows partners to build and operate neutral-host infrastructure and sell wholesale coverage: enabling MNOs, enterprises and municipalities to provide IoT connectivity without managing infrastructure. This model has proven hugely successful, generating a massive paying subscriber base and the highest utilised national networks in the world, transacting a billion messages already through our advanced technology solution.

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For Service Providers

Service providers, operators & integrators now have the opportunity to offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the burden of operating field infrastructure

  • Fast-track your time-to-revenue, running your own network server & leasing existing network coverage
  • Offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the need to procure, deploy & maintain field infrastructure
  • Launch with Everynet's curated ecosystem of LPWA solutions for the IoT marketplace

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Ecosystem of LPWA Solutions

Everynet's curated ecosystem of LPWA solutions is a critical element in the successful monetisation of a national network deployment.

Available exclusively to Everynet wholesalers


Turnkey Solutions for End-Users

  • Solutions to the most valuable use-cases
  • Our global footprint, to satisfy your local needs
  • Pre-approved to work seamlessly

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Developer Labs

  • All levels of solution partners
  • Pre-proven IP blocks, to accelerate your development
  • Knowledge program training workshops

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Company overview

Everynet operates neutral-host Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networks in major geographies around the globe.

Everynet maintains highest service levels through our 24x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC) and associated operational policies and procedures. Combined with Everynet’s commercial expertise with a curated ecosystem of IoT solutions, we offer the lowest cost, lowest risk and quickest route to building national LoRaWAN networks. A model proven by our flagship network and duplicating in multiple countries around the globe.

As co-author of the LoRaWAN specification and founding member of the LoRa Alliance, Everynet leads where others follow.

Attractive Market

Forecast to reach 589Mn connections by 2023

Robust Business Model

Strong margins and recurring revenue stream

True Differentiation

Unrivalled & dominant business model

Leading Technology

Built for quality, scalability & usability

Our technical innovation focuses on achieving ultra-low-cost implementations through disruptive architectural design, enabling multiple providers to share costs

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Global Event in São Paulo Gathers Massive IoT Professionals to Discuss the Segment

Hosted by Everynet, the Massive IoT Summit features real-life applications and discussions on what comes next for IoT

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