02 Sep

Everynet launches its IoT network in Puerto Rico’s for Utility Infrastructure and Smart Cities

August 26, 2020, San Juan - Everynet BV, the leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology pioneer and network operator, today announces the completed roll-out of a new secure data network designed to enhance Puerto Rico’s infrastructure modernization initiatives.

02 Jul

Everynet and Lýsir partner to officially launch their LoRaWAN network in Iceland

June 2020: Delft, Netherlands - In partnership with Lýsir, a company leader in providing connectivity for IoT devices and applications, Everynet launches its LoRaWAN network for IoT digital transformation in Iceland, where 65% of the population and large industrial sites are already covered in the Capital Region surrounding Reykjavík. The newly formed partnership will exploit a Low-Power Wide-Area network to allow a large number of sensors, metering and other devices to provide useful information and insights on several parameters and to decide and act accordingly.

04 May

How to Evaluate Connectivity Options for Smart Water Meters in the IoT Age

The promise of connected smart meters has been discussed for years, and many utilities have used mobile reading solutions, but only a few are starting to look seriously at the implementation of fixed network connectivity, especially in North America and Europe. Wireless connectivity is more widely seen as a key enabler but the array of technology available is broad and different forms of metering have specific requirements that make them better-suited to particular wireless technologies.

23 Apr

Everynet offers its secure wireless data network to the entire Madrid healthcare system for free during the Coronavirus crisis

April 2020: Delft, Netherlands - Cities across the world face an unprecedented challenge as they work to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. The application of technology can be a significant factor in supporting care providers through internet-connected health monitoring and other digital solutions. Everynet is taking action with its device & application partners to rapidly deliver solutions at this critical time for Madrid, one of the worst affected cities in Europe.

28 Jan

NLT adopts Everynet and American Tower Brazilian LoRa network

January 2020: San Paulo, Brazil - The virtual mobile operator (MVNO) NLT, specialized in serving Internet of Things (IoT) applications, signed a contract to use American Tower LoRA network powered by Everynet in Brazil, which is present in 220 cities that represent 60% of the National GDP. The agreement is part of a hybrid solution combining LoRA and GSM technologies.

20 Jan

Everynet IoT networking technology at the heart of 5G demonstration projects in Langkawi “SMART” airport

January 2020: Delft, Netherlands - Everynet BV, the leading LPWA network operator, today launches the showcase deployment of its Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networking technology in Malaysia, bringing benefits of the fourth industrial revolution to provide an enhanced experience for tourists at Langkawi’s “Smart” airport.