28 Jan

NLT adopts Everynet and American Tower Brazilian LoRa network

January 2020: San Paulo, Brazil - The virtual mobile operator (MVNO) NLT, specialized in serving Internet of Things (IoT) applications, signed a contract to use American Tower LoRA network powered by Everynet in Brazil, which is present in 220 cities that represent 60% of the National GDP. The agreement is part of a hybrid solution combining LoRA and GSM technologies.

20 Jan

Everynet IoT networking technology at the heart of 5G demonstration projects in Langkawi “SMART” airport

January 2020: Delft, Netherlands - Everynet BV, the leading LPWA network operator, today launches the showcase deployment of its Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networking technology in Malaysia, bringing benefits of the fourth industrial revolution to provide an enhanced experience for tourists at Langkawi’s “Smart” airport.