Everynet has pioneered the concept of #BitsBillionsandCents: digital transformation by connecting the most constrained IoT devices at massive scale and for ultra-low cost.

Leadership team

Lawrence Latham

CEO & Managing Director

Vitaly Kleban

CTO & Founder

Tom Nelson


Fabrizio Iacono

Group CFO

Chris Stone

Chairman of the Board

Antonio Terlizzi

SVP of Global Sales

Attractive Market

Everynet networks enable the digital transformation of business processes, generating real-time data from low cost sensors deployed in the field, and feeding in to big data cloud analytics systems. With this valuable data, businesses can generate new revenue streams, reduce costs and ensure compliance.
Forecast to reach 589Mn connections by 2023, LoRa is the fastest growing technology in the LPWA market and Everynet’s unique business model and proven end-solutions allow us to rapidly capture and enable a country-wide market.

A proven model

This unique and unrivalled model allows Everynet to quickly acquire a dominant foothold within a geography, and by making the coverage available to all providers, there is no incentive for others to build duplicate network infrastructure. With ultra-low cost base, the strong gross margins lead to a profitable and cash generative business with high proportion of recurring.
This model is proven in our flagship network: the highest utilised national LoRaWAN network in the world.

Differentiated Technology

Everynet is leading the LoRaWAN™ market with its innovative platform architecture, designed to support a winning commercial model: to power shared infrastructure deployments enabling a neutral-host to build out high quality infrastructure and leasing wholesale coverage to multiple service providers. A model proven by Everynet's flagship network: the highest utilised national LoRaWAN network in the world

Our platform

Our valuable partners