Everynet lays the ground for market expansion hiring Gabriel Nave as Vice President of Business Development
December 16, 2020

Delft, Netherlands - Everynet BV, the operator of the highest utilized LoRaWAN networks in the world, prepares to widen its offer

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Everynet BV collaborates with Invest Puerto Rico on IoT network integration launch
November 19, 2020

Set to improve data and connectivity on Island’s mainland, support key manufacturers and logistics, driving pharmaceutical, medical device and aero

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Webinar: Everynet and TagoIO will Present Real-Life Use Cases for Puerto Rico using an Innovative IoT Network Technology
October 28, 2020

Learn how to create new business opportunities with IoT using an innovative and working IoT network technology as this joint presentation describe

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Telkom Indonesia & Everynet BV accelerate national IoT network roll-out, enabling Indonesia Industrial Revolution 4.0 vision
October 21, 2020

October 2020, Delft, Netherlands - Everynet BV, the global network operator leader in LoRaWAN technology, announces the expansion

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LoRaWAN® Investment Unlocked in Italy
October 07, 2020

LoRa Alliance® members A2A Smart City, Everynet and Unidata supported the new “Decreto Semplificazioni” law and the amendments of Senator Maria Lau

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Gana terreno el Internet de las Cosas
October 05, 2020

La infraestructura para sumar a Puerto Rico a los esfuerzos mundiales del Internet de las Cosas (IoT, en inglés) se robusteció con la llegada de la

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Cellnex y Everynet firman un acuerdo para desplegar redes IoT en Italia, Reino Unido e Irlanda
October 05, 2020

Estas redes de Internet de las Cosas, basadas en tecnología LoRaWAN gestionada por Everynet, se desplegarán a través de la amplia red de infraestru

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Cellnex e Everynet sottoscrivono un accordo per l’implementazione di reti IoT in Italia, UK e Irlanda
October 05, 2020

Le reti IoT Smart, basate sulla tecnologia LoRaWAN di Everynet, saranno introdotte nell’ampia rete di infrastrutture Tlc di Cellnex

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Cellnex and Everynet sign an agreement to rollout IoT networks in Italy, the UK and Ireland
October 05, 2020

Smart IoT networks, based on LoRaWAN technology powered by Everynet, will be de-ployed across Cellnex's extensive network of telecommunications inf

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Everynet launches its IoT network in Puerto Rico’s for Utility Infrastructure and Smart Cities
September 02, 2020

August 26, 2020, San Juan - Everynet BV, the leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology pioneer and network operator, today ann

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Everynet and Lýsir partner to officially launch their LoRaWAN network in Iceland
July 02, 2020

June 2020: Delft, Netherlands - In partnership with Lýsir, a company leader in providing connectivity for IoT devices and applica

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Everynet, Redexia, myDevices, Semtech & Abeeway lead the fight against COVID-19 in Spain
June 05, 2020

May 2020: Delft, Netherlands - As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated during March, Everynet kicked off an initiative to support the

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How to Evaluate Connectivity Options for Smart Water Meters in the IoT Age
May 04, 2020

The promise of connected smart meters has been discussed for years, and many utilities have used mobile reading solutions, but only a few are start

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Everynet offers its secure wireless data network to the entire Madrid healthcare system for free during the Coronavirus crisis
April 23, 2020

April 2020: Delft, Netherlands - Cities across the world face an unprecedented challenge as they work to combat the Coronavirus p

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NLT adopts Everynet and American Tower Brazilian LoRa network
January 28, 2020

January 2020: San Paulo, Brazil - The virtual mobile operator (MVNO) NLT, specialized in serving Internet of Things (IoT) applica

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American Tower and Everynet reached 1.7 billion messages exchanged in 2019 in Brazil
January 24, 2020

January 2020: San Paulo, Brazil - American Tower ended 2019 with 220 cities where its IoT / LoRaWAN network for Internet of Thing

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Everynet IoT networking technology at the heart of 5G demonstration projects in Langkawi “SMART” airport
January 20, 2020

January 2020: Delft, Netherlands - Everynet BV, the leading LPWA network operator, today launches the showcase deployment of its L

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Spain's national IoT network goes live
October 24, 2019

DELFT, NETHERLANDS (PRWEB) - Everynet BV, the leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network operator and technology pioneer, today announces availabil

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From the Tor des Géants to the Field of trail flowers, life-saving technology is born from Everynet and Elmec 3D
September 19, 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, Everynet's LoRaWAN technology has monitored and guaranteed the safety of the athletes who participated in the Tor

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Everynet cover feature in IoTNow magazine, Q3 2019
September 09, 2019

Lawrence Latham is the chief executive of Everynet, the provider of wholesale LoRaWAN networks for IoT.

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