Asset Tracking
22 Jan

Asset Tracking

Our Purpose

We help companies and families to watch out for what they care the most, avoiding waste of resources, waste of time and loss of money and good memories.

The Challenge

We aim at tracking assets’ movements throughout their whole lifetime, in order to continuously verify their location and status, lower risks related to thefts and damages and increase efficiency in the supply chain. To do this, tracking sensors can be placed on each targeted object for a centralized and effective monitoring of the moving goods.

Our Solution

Everynet and its ecosystem made a winning partnership to provide the network and the devices to implement a trustworthy tracking network for both companies and households. Assigning sensors to assets that need to are moved to several different locations makes it easier for owners and managers to track routes, locations and status of the moving goods, preventing thefts and discouraging improper handling.



Can be paird with other network technologies


Bi-directional communication

Manages both uplinks and downlinks


True location

Precise GPS position