Building Damage Prevention
21 Jan

Building Damage Prevention

Our Purpose

We want to make each building a welcoming and safe environment for people, families and employees to be happy and live life at their very best.

The Challenge

Avoid building damages that come from water leakages in companies and households by providing real time calls to action if unusual humidity levels are detected. To do this, small, wireless sensors need to be placed to monitor buildings, to foresee possible damages and to drastically mitigate maintenance and repairing costs through preventative works.

Our Solution

Everynet and its partners provide both the network and the devices that form the infrastructure needed for the prevention of water leakages and expensive building damages. Humidity sensors and smart water meters are combined with a reliable network to provide data that help to detect any preventive maintenance needed to avoid more serious damage to the monitored building.


Low implementation cost

Little front-end investment to be made to succeed


Signal robustness

Strong and reliable signal even in tough conditions


Long-lasting battery life

Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership