Contact Tracing
09 Jul

Contact Tracing

Our Purpose

We want to foster everyone’s good health and well-being by tracking contacts to protect our society and support the fight against Covid-19.

The Challenge

Ensure compliance with proper social distance and monitor contacts among people by tracking their interactions with the surrounding environment, in order to take subsequent action whenever needed. To do this, sensors must be worn daily and need to be connected to an indoor and outdoor network to be able to gather data to plan sanitizing activities, as well as sending warnings when distances are not observed.

Our Solution

Everynet and its partners provide the end-to-end solution surrounding the Contact Tracing use case. Sensors, connectivity and the platform work together to grant safety for families, friends and colleagues. Connecting wearable sensors to a reliable LoRaWAN Network helps to ensure higher compliance with all the norms related to social distancing by sending real-time feedbacks and gathering data on the frequency and duration of contacts among people.


Indoor and outdoor long range

Suitable to build your own coverage


Market-ready technology

Pre-certified by Everynet


Long-lasting battery life

Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership