Energy Consumption Monitoring
17 Feb

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Our Purpose

We want to make the world a better place to live and to avoid wasting resources that can be redistributed in a more sustainable and fair way.

The Challenge

Measure the actual consumption of energy of each household and office to detect any waste or malfunctioning of the service and allow quick and precise interventions to solve the problem as soon as possible. To do this, specific sensors need to be connected to a reliable network in order to gather and analyze consumption data and send alarms whenever anomalies in the energy flow are detected.

Our Solution

Everynet and its ecosystem provide the best network and the set of solutions required to setup the infrastructure for measuring single units’ energy consumption through LoRaWAN technology. Placing one sensor in every meter covers multiple meters linked to different units, so that each unit’s consumption is precisely computed and monitored, leading to immediate actions when detected values are outside of a pre-defined range and, thus, increasing efficiency.


Low infrastructure investment

Moderate upfront capital expenditure


Real time

Monitor what is really happening all day, every day


Market-ready technology

Pre-certified by Everynet