Hygiene Monitoring Technology
22 Jan

Hygiene Monitoring Technology

Our Purpose

We want hospitalized people to be focused on recovering as fast as they can, without worrying for further threats coming from the surrounding environment.

The Challenge

Guarantee high hygiene standards by tracking and monitoring contacts among patients, visitors and the hospital staff, as well as by taking action whenever needed. To do this, several sensors needed to be connected to a reliable network to be able to send feedback to healthcare workers to improve their hands hygiene compliance and to gather data.

Our Solution

Everynet partnered to provide the network and the devices to build the infrastructure surrounding the prevention of infectious disease transmission. Connecting sensors placed both in patients’ rooms and on healthcare workers’ ID cards to a LoRaWAN Network helped ensure higher hand hygiene compliancy by sending real-time feedbacks and gathering data on the usage of hand sanitizer dispensers.


Scalability of the solution

Adapt the solution to your growth needs using Everynet high capacity networks


Indoor and outdoor long range

Suitable to build your own rural coverage


Low implementation cost

Little front-end investment to be made to succeed