Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
21 Jan

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Our Purpose

We want to improve people’s health and performance by making sure that a good amount of oxygen is provided in every living space.

The Challenge

Guarantee high indoor air quality standards in companies, households and public buildings in order to avoid high CO2 concentrations, as improper ventilation hinders human performance and decision making. To monitor such parameter, sensors need to be placed and connected to a reliable network that allows for data gathering and for counteractions to be taken.

Our Solution

Everynet partnered with its ecosystem to build the infrastructure surrounding the control of indoor air quality by providing the network and the sensors that represent the core of the solution implemented. Endowing each living space with a sensor helps both to monitor carbon dioxide and particles, as well as temperature and humidity, and to send automated warnings at threatening levels of the various parameters, for actions to be taken.


Low infrastructure investment

Moderate upfront capital expenditure


Global-scale protocol

Suitable to be implemented everywhere


Long-lasting battery life

Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership