Intelligent Parking System
21 Jan

Intelligent Parking System

Our Purpose

We want to lower people’s stress levels by helping them to make an easy and fast choice, while decreasing energy waste and CO2 emissions.

The Challenge

Make drivers park their cars quickly and with little energy consumption by letting them know in advance parking slot vacancies at their final destination. To do this, an infrastructure needs to be set in parking slots, so that feedbacks regarding the occupancy of each area can be collected and shared with drivers, together with directions to reach the designated spot.

Our Solution

Everynet partnered with its ecosystem to provide both the device and the network needed to set up the infrastructure that helps to save a daily 10 minutes search, which results in more than 240 hours per year and an average of 700 days over a lifetime. All parking slots in each area need to be endowed with a sensor that monitors the occupancy status and sends data signaling whether the spot is available or not. The solution also supports disabled people in finding their dedicated parking areas.


Low service cost

Rapid return on investment


Scalability of the solution

Adapt the solution to your growth needs using Everynet high capacity networks


Global-scale protocol

Suitable to be implemented everywhere