Irrigation Monitoring System
21 Oct

Irrigation Monitoring System

Our Purpose

We want to fight hunger and reduce resource waste by ensuring optimal irrigation levels and a more efficient crop yield.

The Challenge

Guarantee the most suitable irrigation level for crops depending on the different type of soil and the weather condition that characterize each geographical area. To do this, fit-for-purpose sensors need to be connected to a wireless network to be able both to send feedback regarding soil moisture levels and to trigger calls to action depending on the information gathered.

Our Solution

Everynet and its partners provide the network and the devices to build the infrastructure surrounding the optimization of irrigation levels for crops. Watertight and weatherproof sensors provide 24/7 live monitoring of soil moisture to ensure crops are optimally irrigated. Data gathered provide insights on plants’ condition in real time and are easily visualized over the compatible app.


Indoor and outdoor long range

Suitable to build your own rural coverage


Scalability of the solution

Adapt the solution to your growth needs using Everynet high capacity networks


Low service cost

Rapid return on investment