Panic Buttons
23 Jan

Panic Buttons

Our Purpose

We want to create a safer and more responsive society by allowing anyone who is in need for help to be listened to, supported and helped as soon as possible.

The Challenge

The aim is to support merchants and dealers in preventing thefts and accidents by providing a fast and reliable connection to access local emergency numbers. To achieve this, each shop and each emergency department need to be connected to a network that delivers the alarm for the specific place and time of the signaled critical event.

Our Solution

Everynet and its ecosystem partnered to provide the network and the devices to enable the infrastructure needed to improve safety in the community where merchants work. Endowing each shop located in Medellin with a Panic Button means providing shop owners and sales assistants with a tool to signal any dangerous occurrence to the emergency units designated to intervene.


Long-lasting battery life

Reduced maintenance and cost of ownership


Low infrastructure investment

Moderate upfront capital expenditure


Scalability of the solution

Adapt the solution to your growth needs using Everynet high capacity networks