Vending Machine Monitoring
23 Jan

Vending Machine Monitoring

Our Purpose

We want to help companies increase their efficiency and effectiveness and reduce their energy consumption and environmental footprint.

The Challenge

Be able to acquire accounting data from vending machines automatically and in real time, without having technicians physically check them. To do this, specific sensors need to be connected to a reliable network so that feedback on the vending machines performance can be gathered and action can be taken accordingly.

Our Solution

Everynet and its ecosystem connect sensors to the LoRa network, thus creating the infrastructure needed in order for data to be transmitted, gathered and visualized correctly. Connecting sensors incorporated in each vending machine to an operating center where data are controlled allows for accounting data acquisition, alarm sending and price changing.


Low infrastructure investment

Moderate upfront capital expenditure


Low implementation cost

Little front-end investment to be made to succeed


Bi-directional communication

Manages both uplinks and downlinks