Vessel Health and Safety Monitoring
20 Nov

Vessel Health and Safety Monitoring

Our Purpose

We want everyone -sailors, passengers and service providers -to enjoy a great sailing experience, go on adventures and to build good memories.

The Challenge

Grant protection to every sensitive part of the boat all day, every day, in real time. According to the specific parameter to be monitored, different sensors need to be implemented. To do this, each specific sensor needs to be connected to a network that grants coverage both during sailing and when the boat is moored with no power.

Our Solution

Everynet and its partners provide the network, the sensors and the platform to build a solution made to fully protect every boat in whatever situation it may face. The unique combination of sensors placed in the strategic area of each boat helps to monitor remotely life safety, the environment surrounding the vessel and the water level, taking care of security at 360°.


Real time

Monitor what is really happening all day, every day


High network capacity

Supports thousands of devices


Low infrastructure investment

Moderate upfront capital expenditure