Water Consumption Monitoring
17 Feb

Water Consumption Monitoring

Our Purpose

We want everyone to have access to water by fostering a fair distribution and by fighting waste that results from infrastructure poor maintenance.

The Challenge

Measure the real water consumption for each household or business location, and detect any waste or malfunctioning of the service by providing a reliable, cost-effective monitoring solution. To do this, it is important to combine a reliable network and specific sensors to be able to gather data on the consumption rate and provide feedback whenever anomalous rates are registered.

Our Solution

Everynet and its ecosystem exploit the LoRaWAN technology to provide the end-to-end solution required to build the infrastructure that measures and monitors water consumption. Sensors cover condominiums and enterprises, water consumption is monitored and analyzed and immediate actions are taken if anomalies are detected.


Bi-directional communication

Manages both uplinks and downlinks


Scalability of the solution

Adapt the solution to your growth needs using Everynet high capacity networks


Low service cost

Rapid return on investment