Neutral-host LPWA networks for IoT

Our innovative architecture allows Everynet to split the network ownership in to two distinct functions:

  • Together with infrastructure partners, Everynet builds and operates neutral-host network infrastructure
  • MNOs, enterprises and municipalities are empowered to provide lowest cost IoT connectivity services, without the need to manage infrastructure

Build large-scale LPWA networks

At lowest cost & quickest path

Everynet invests all IoT technology at our cost to jointly build out dense carrier-grade networks in collaboration with our neutral-host infrastructure partners

Key advantages of building national LPWA networks with Everynet

Carrier Grade Network

Best-in-class technology platform, fully backed by documented processes and SLA

Full Expert Support

Fully resourced network operations (NOC) and deployment training teams


Driving IoT scale, through well-architected system design to give the lowest TCO for all parties

Generate new revenues

Leverage existing infrastructure assets to take a central role in the IoT market

Simple sales channels

Deal with only a small number of high volume wholesale customers, reducing the need for large sales teams

Minimal business risk

A business model proven to scale quickly, leveraging Everynet’s established ecosystem of partners & solutions


Take a central position in the IoT market

Infrastructure companies now have a unique opportunity to leverage existing real-estate assets and generate new revenue streams by providing shared neutral-host network infrastructure and a wholesale operating model. Everynet invests all the technology blocks at our cost, and accelerates time-to-revenue through expert experience and ecosystem partnerships established in our global footprint

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Launch an IoT Service

Without the burden of infrastructure

Everynet takes care of infrastructure operations & maintenance, so your connectivity business is freed to focus on customer engagement & service differentiation

Key advantages of launching a LPWA connectivity service with Everynet

Instant Launch

Avoid the delays associated with vendor selection and supply chain management

Full Support

Receive sales enablement training, backed up by our 24x365 service help-desk


Shared physical infrastructure allows capex & opex to be spread across multiple stakeholders within a region

Ready Solutions

Leverage Evernet’s existing ecosystem of proven solutions to the most valuable use-cases in the market

Be in control

Operate your own secure LoRaWAN Network Server, included all customer user data and keys

Virtualised operations

Enter the IoT market with minimal investment and risk

Rapidly serve the growing IoT market

Service providers, network operators and systems integrators now have the opportunity to offer carrier-grade LPWA network services without the burden of procuring, deploying and maintaining physical infrastructure.
Fast-track your time-to-revenue by running your own LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) and leasing wholesale access to dense geographical coverage and focus instead on customer engagement and service differentiation

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