Neutral-host infrastructure for IoT

Our innovative architecture allows Everynet partners to build and operate neutral-host networks with a shared physical infrastructure.
MNOs, large enterprises and municipalities subscribe to this coverage through wholesale agreements to provide lowest cost IoT connectivity without managing infrastructure

Radio Access Network

The Radio Access Network (RAN) server provides the critical operational support systems to manage a fleet of gateway assets within a network deployment. The map interface assists managers to quickly visualise coverage status and to highlight real-time issues.
Configuration tools are provided to managing the routing payload traffic between the network and all subscribing LoRaWAN Network Servers (LNS), including the ability to segregate coverage zones. Extensive monitoring data is routed from each gateway to the Network Operations Centres (NOC) with summary reports presented through this single pane of glass interface


Dedicated operations interface

Enables focused operations for all infrastructure related aspects of the business


Manage coverage zones

Segregation of sub-RANs, enabling private extensions to the public coverage zones


Fully managed service

Supports advanced monitoring groups, integrated to Everynet 24x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Network Operation Centre

Everynet’s commitment to carrier-grade operational procedures is perfectly embodied in our NOC. This fully staffed and resourced service operates 24x365 to monitor and react to real-time events on the network and ensure we meet our committed SLAs.
Everynet’s unique position as technology provider and network operator provides a short feedback cycle, allowing our R&D team to implement continuous improvement of features based on experience of real-world operational challenges.



Fully resourced service

Enables focused operations for all infrastructure related aspects of the business


Global and local

A core NOC hosted in our tier4 data centre in Milan, with satellite NOCs within network countries to support local language and timezone


Continuous Improvement

Provides a direct feedback loop to our R&D teams, to improve product design for maximum resilience and minimum total cost of ownership (TCO)

Wholesale Business Model

Our network coverage is sold through wholesale agreements to multiple service providers within the region. These service providers are differentiated as MNOs, MVNOs, MSPs, ASPs, solutions providers and systems integrators to target a variety of end-user categories. Large enterprises and municipalities may also qualify for wholesale subscription.


Simplified sales channels

Streamline your go-to-market strategy, engaging with a few large B2B customers


Expanded sales channels

These wholesale MNOs, MVNOs, ASPs and even municipalities & large enterprises, form an extensive reach to the market


Accelerate mass adoption

Leverage Everynet's ecosystem of turnkey solutions and development partners, solving the most valuable use-cases in the market

CloudCell 4G Gateway

High-reliability LoRaWAN gateway, available exclusively to Everynet neutral-host partners.
While the Everynet platform supports any LoRaWAN compatible gateway on the market, Cloudcell is the only model to satisfy our stringent requirements for network robustness and uptime. Continuous feedback from our network operations has resulted in a low-cost product that mitigates the most common causes of network failure.
Flexible mounting options make Cloudcell suitable for macro-cell tower deployment, plus low-cost pole and wall mount options using the embedded sector antenna.


Robust & Resilient

Multiple redundant systems, to maintain network uptime in the harshest of environments


Streamlined Deployment

Designed for rapid deployment and easy maintenance, minimising Opex & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Streamlined Operations

Supports advanced monitoring groups, integrated to Everynet 24x365 Network Operations Centre (NOC)