Virtualised LPWA Service for IoT

Our innovative architecture allows Everynet to build and operate shared networks, enabling Service Providers to launch low cost carrier-grade IoT connectivity services without the need to buy, deploy and manage physical infrastructure

LoRaWAN Network Server

Each service provider within a national network operates their own secure LNS to manage connections between users, devices and applications. Powerful hierarchical structures and search tools make for simple organisation of objects within the platform.
Every packet is accompanied by full metadata, including geolocation position with a reported accuracy based on nearest-cell, or trilateration if duplicates are received.
Every feature seen in the UI has an associated API allowing full integration within higher-level platforms.


Own the service

Own and operate your own Everynet network server, for user/device/key management and data routing


Outsource the Infrastructure

Lease wholesale network coverage with carrier-grade service level agreements


Integrate to your systems

Business support system APIs facilitating integration of billing in to your company platform

Enablement Procedure

Within each new territory, we bring enablement programs to help on-board partners & customers, enabling best practices gained from our existing networks and applying them to new local markets. Our knowledge program track stimulates local developers and systems integrators via on-site workshops, while our marketing track drives a broader awareness.
These documented procedures and programs help to ensure a quick and smooth launch, and rapid growth.



Market development support

Everynet is a hands-on partner, committed to drive local market awareness


Targeted knowledge programs

Leverage our hard-earned expertise, provided to train your sales engagement teams


Drive rapid growth

Extensive lead generation and nurture programs, to assist all parties to focus on target results and avoid common pitfalls

Everynet Ecosystem

Gain access to a curated ecosystem of solutions to the most valuable use-cases in the market. Based on years of working through proof-of-concept and pilot phases with customers all over the globe, Everynet is able to import solutions which have been proven both technically and commercially


Proven successes

Everynet wholesale networks are already the most highly utilised LoRaWAN networks in the world


Certified solutions

We import these proven solutions to accelerate market adoption in grass-roots national networks


Accelerate growth

Fly through the PoC phase and go straight to well established revenue-generating applications

Integrated Platforms

Everynet's LNS is fully extensible via APIs, meaning that every feature seen within our user interface can be controlled directly from a higher-level service platform. In an ideal implementation the connectivity can be fully abstracted and become invisible to the user.
Secure RESTful APIs are used for management functions, and secure websockets stream traffic and monitoring data.
Pre-integrations to all major IoT platforms provide a convenient starting point for demonstrating PoCs and pilots.


Pre-integrated platforms

Route sensor payload and all associated metadata to any major IoT platform


Secure interfaces

All interfaces fully secured with certificate-based encryption


Full extensible APIs

Ability to full abstract the LNS within your IoT or connectivity platform